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Government Radiography Association, Nepal (Go-RAN) is a a non-profit national professional organization of Government Radiography Professionals working under Ministry of Health and Population, Governmental and semi-governmental Health Science Academy/ Teaching Hospitals, and organizations. Established on 28th Mangshir, 2079 BS (14th December, 2022) with a few as 10 members, it has now been evolving into a large organization for all the Radiography Professionals all over the country working in Governmental organization. It is indeed an honor for us on of being the first professional organization of the Government Radiography professionals in Nepal.
Go-RAN has been playing an important role in the development of field of Radiography and Imaging Technology and is acting as a linkage between the government and the professionals. Go-RAN has been planning on publishing a Bi-annual medical journal and organizing scientific sessions to make the professionals fully up-to-date with the advances in medical science. It has been striving with great zeal for the common interests of the Radiography professionals and has thus contributed significantly towards the overall improvement of the health situation in the country. The dedication, commitment and devotion of many of our senior colleagues and friends have enabled this organization to come to this present status.


To ensure professional rights and to promote the quality of ethical practices in Radiography and Imaging Technology professions in order to develop and enhance the quality of Health sector in Nepal.


  • To promote the spirit of harmony and cooperation among the Government Radiography professionals of varying level and specializations.
  • To encourage members to maintain the highest standard of professional conduct, to give the health of the patient the first consideration.
  • To advance the science and practice of radiography professionals by the promotion of improved standards of education and of research in the technical aspects of Radiography and Imaging Technology.
  • To protect, maintain and enhance the dignity of the professionals in the field of Radiology and Imaging Technology
  • To strive for professional development of Radiography professionals by continuous feedback and suggestions to the higher authority of the Government and Ministry involved using the methods like dialogue, inputs to the policies, collective bargaining, etc
  • To uplift and update the knowledge of the professionals by disseminating state-of-the art knowledge, technology, the new results and ideas of research along with the emerging concepts and experience in Radiography (Radiation medicine/Technology) by publishing journals, bulletin and periodically organizing seminars and CPD programmes on various specializations of Radiography and Imaging Technology.
  • To work with Government and various organizations in spreading the public awareness about the Radiation safety and its importance.
  • To tie-up with the various other national and international organizations with the similar aims and objectives for improving the overall standard of radiography professionals and education.
  • To help the society in the time of crisis/ natural calamities using the technical expertise of professionals.
  • To create and hold funds which shall be available for furthering the objects of the society whilst at the same time being a charitable organization,
  • To do all such other lawful things as shall become necessary for the attainment of the foregoing objects.

Government Radiography Association, Nepal

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Who we are